About Alby Express

When experts from different industries collaborate, exciting innovations become inevitable. Alby Express brings those exciting innovations to you with its cutting-edge courier solutions. By combining the latest communications, processing, and messaging technology, Alby Express has created one of the world's fastest and most convenient courier services. Its proprietary networking technology connects shippers directly to the carrier who is transporting their goods.


In an industry dominated by phone calls, emails, fax machines, and in-person interactions, Alby's diverse and innovative team makes a world of difference through web and mobile technology solutions. Collaborative innovation delivered to you courtesy of Alby Express!


Meet Our Team

Mr. Kim


Alain Mbanjabahizi

Alain Mbanjabahizi


Kristina Milke

Financial Advisor/Investor

Ryan Erickson

Brian Ragan

Brian Ragan

Investor and Advisor
Kaely Rae

Kaely Rae

Cory Kurylo

Cory Kurylo


What People Say About Us

It's good to know where the driver is and when he's arriving with assurance, as we can track them on GPS and call them directly. (In other words not being misled by a dispatch team) I like their service for the same reasons I like Uber service for getting rides. Clear transparency and current information. Technology used to improve a courier service in this way, is a huge step forward in customer service. We highly recommend Alby Express courier.

Carl Cole

KEYMAY (engineering Lead)
I would recommend Alby Express to anyone who may be looking for an alternative to their current courier express choice. Their pricing is the most competitive in the market, that I have found, and they treat our business as though it is just as important to them as it is to us.

Mike Johnson

HDIM Protective Coatings
Alby Express staff are friendly,efficient and customer service oriented.Our deliveries are sent out in a safe,secure and timely manner.

Shawn Dorcas

Lead shipper (Alliance Door Product )